Continuum Dance Company is a competitive dance team under the umbrella of San Angelo Broadway Academy. Students ages 7-18 audition to be a part of this elite company of dancers and train throughout the Fall and then compete during the Spring both regionally and nationally. Since 2012, CDC has ranked both regionally and nationally as title winners, won countless awards, nationally recognized for choreography in tap, jazz, and hip hop, and have been recognized by the Broadway community for their dance production of Spongebob. 


During their 2021 National Dance competition, the team earned 7 National titles, 25 National top 10, 30 National high score awards, 24 judges choice awards, Mr Legacy 2021, and 3rd place in the Grand Champion Showdown of Legacies, competing with team from 8 different states around the US. 


2020-2021 Continuum Dance Company